Here are Different Kinds of Superfood Smoothie Recipes


Are you constantly skipping your breakfast meal? If this is the case then you will need this superfood smoothie recipe at My Nutrition Advisor. It is actually easy to make smoothies. Before you go to sleep at night you should prepare the necessary ingredients so that it will be easier for you to make the smoothie in the morning. Smoothies have a lot of benefits. You have a lot of energy to burn when you drink smoothies since it is filled with superfoods.


Below are different smoothie recipes that you can choose from:

1. Kale superfood smoothie

The main ingredients of this smoothie are pineapples and kale. The kale superfood smoothie has 27g of protein because of its ingredients. This fruit also is rich in manganese. Manganese strengthens our bones and develops the connective tissue of our body.

Here are the ingredients:

1/4 cup frozen pineapple pieces
2 cups lightly packed chopped kale leaves and the stems should be removed
1/4 cup plain Greek yogurt
1 to 3 tsp honey, depending on your taste
3/4 cup of milk You can choose any milk that you like.
1 frozen banana and it should be in chunks
2 tbsp peanut butter

After preparing the ingredients, the next thing that you will need to do is to blend them together until it will be smooth. You can add more water if you prefer a smoothie with a much thinner consistency.

2. Goji berry and strawberry smoothie

Goji berries are rich in fiber, antioxidants, minerals and even vitamins. On the other hand, strawberries are rich with vitamin C. These two kind of berries makes it a superfood smoothie. An entire cup of strawberries has the recommended daily value of vitamin C. You can get more vitamin C with one cup of strawberries than a regular sized orange.

Vitamin C will boost our immune system and this is why it is vital in our body. This is also important in keeping your skin healthy.

Here are the ingredients:

1 cup of fresh and sweet strawberries
2 tbsp of dried goji berries
2 cups of almond milk
2 tsp of honey

You should leave the goji berries on a bowl with one tbsp of water for about 15 minutes so it will become soft. You can also leave the goji berries overnight. Next is blending them until the texture becomes smooth.

3. Blueberry flax smoothie

You will have a great tasting smoothie when you mix these ingredients. You will get vitamin D, vitamin K and fat soluble vitamin when you drink this smoothie.

Here are the ingredients:

1 cup of frozen blueberries
1 tbsp of ground flaxseed
1 cup of spinach
1 cup of coconut milk
1/4 cup of full-fat Greek yogurt

Next is blending all of these ingredients until the texture becomes smooth so Learn More.

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5 Superfoods You Should Know


Superfoods are the special category of foods which is packed of essential nutrients that the body needs in one food. They’re excellent sources not just for nutrients but for antioxidants as well. If you want to be aware of the different kinds of superfoods you may find at this Website and that you can buy and use in your diet, then I advise you to keep reading further.

Number 1. Green leafy vegetables – not many people liked eating such despite the fact that it is easily widely available and very nutritious. According to studies, those who have diet of green leafy veggies have far lower risks of catching cancer and heart disease. Fresh raw green leafy vegetables also contain high dosage of easily digestible proteins, high doses of chlorophyll, enzymes and also, huge range of minerals and vitamins. These vegetables also act as mini-transfusions for our blood, health tonic for brain and the immune system while also, cleansing the kidneys.

Number 2. Wheat grass or barley grass powder – wheat grass is basically the sprouted of wheat seed and unlike whole grains because it’s been sprouted, it no longer has gluten or any other allergic agents. Wheat grasses are alkalizing and good for healthy blood promotion at the same time. This can normalize the thyroid gland to be able to stimulate metabolism and thus, assisting in digestion while promoting weight loss due to its high enzyme content and cleansing effect too. Simply stir a tablespoon in glass of water every morning and drink it on empty stomach.

Number 3. Green superfoods – what gives these plants their green color is chlorophyll which has very similar structure to the human blood; according to experts, ingesting such in your body can boost the production of hemoglobin in the blood. The higher amounts of hemoglobin in bloodstream also mean that there’s more oxygen rich blood. This is actually crucial as it is what needed by the cells to survive.

Number 4. Blueberries – these have compounds that are able to protect the heart and can even inhibit growth of cancer cells. As a matter of fact, taking blueberry anthocynanins are capable of protecting from catching neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. On top of that, it is also capable of slowing and even reversing age-related memory loss and the decline of cognitive function. Take blueberries whether you eat them on their own or use it as a smoothie just like at

Number 5. Sweet potatoes – this superfood is actually high in fiber, potassium, manganese, vitamins A, B6 and C. Diabetics can also take advantage of these as they can stabilize blood sugar.

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How to Choose Healthy Superfood Smoothies


There has been a general rising in inflation rates in various countries and this has required parents and guardians to get two or impressively more occupations to have the ability to counter the pitiless calm effects of inflation. This in this manner implies that many guardians and parents will be exceptionally occupied for the majority of the day and making of different dishes can turn out to be extremely tedious and this will require a substitute for the meals which has relative healthful esteem like the sustenance and ought to therefore set aside a short opportunity to get ready. A standout among other option for sound sustenance throughout the years has been super food smoothies which contain a great deal of supplements simply like numerous healthy nourishment. A smoothie is a mixed blend of an assortment of fixings made to the preferring of a person.

Smoothies can be given to kids in the morning for breakfast, particularly when they are made a beeline for school and there isn’t sufficient time to set up a better than average breakfast. They are very easy to prepare and they take a very short time hence making it time conscious therefore giving you an opportunity to do something else. On account of kids, the My Nutrition Advisor super food smoothies need to have an engaging taste for the children to take them and you ought to in this manner incorporate some classy fixings in your smoothie to make it simple for children to drink. Whenever you are making a smoothie, you ought to ensure it is nutritious and can boost immunity of its consumers.

Remembering the true objective to make it nutritious, you need to guarantee that you have used some key fixings which are loaded down with a lot of supplements which a significant part of the time have been known to eliminate a couple of diseases. There are numerous formulas for making superfood smoothies at all of which depend with the taste and inclinations of the consumer. Avocado Pear Smoothie is one recipe that is easily made with not a lot of fixings used and a unimportant advances that incorporate the blending of the avocado and pear and a while later ice can be incorporated if supported by the individual taking it.

Another empowering formula is the Fountain of Youth which includes a combination of fixings like avocados, bananas and kales which empower the body to keep up a youthful shimmering look since it contains a huge amount of vitamin E which empowers the body in recuperation of dead skin. Another awesome recipe is the Pomegranate Banana Ginger Blast Smoothie which contains ginger roots which contain calming properties. Another important superfood recipe is the Immune Booster Smoothie which contains kales, bananas, and several other anti oxidant that in the long run boost the immune system.

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Why You Need Healthy Superfood Smoothie Recipes


Every enthusiast health food enthusiast understands that fruit juice is one of the most nutritious boosters for the body. Superfoods? Yes, fruits and vegetable juice can be a great source of boosters.

Well, I am sure you have come across artificial foods at the mall. I have to admit that synthetic super-food products tend to be efficient, too. However, I guess you are searching for natural remedies, too. And that is why I’m willing to show you something about the best healthy superfood smoothie recipes from My Nutrition Advisor!

Fruits are nutritious, and they have everything that your body might need for a jumpstart. Don’t even set your mouth agape- I used the word jumpstart rightly. Well, it is true that the smoothies should be used alongside other foods and not necessarily an excuse to stop eating solids. Never forget that solid meals have an essential role to play both in peristalsis and in providing your body with strength. Once in a while, when you want to increase the functionality of your body, that’s the best time to take the smoothies.

Newbie: what are smoothies?

Back in college, the prof always said that we should never leave the newbies behind. They, too, deserve to understand the topic. Yes- they increase the traffic to the site, but they might end up reading everything but learning nothing. For that case, I am always ready to help them out. And, make sure they catch up with the rest.

Let me get to the point- a smoothie is a thick type of natural juice whose ingredients include veggies and fruits. A calculated diet, it contains a number of things that your body needs. Now, we can go to the next part- the people who must use the superfood smoothie recipes.


Busy people

In most cases, people who are busy seldom find the time needed to cook healthy food or eat out at the restaurant. Those who are lucky enough to find some time only find themselves eating at local joints and this is not very healthy because the food is, in most cases, junky. But, all that such a person needs is to have a well-equipped fridge and a better-written kitchen book. In the book, there should be a good lust of healthy superfood smoothie recipes.

Sports people

When you are a runner or sportsperson, your body is in constant need of energy, and this might be so much that you need something to boost your tissues. But we all know how that ends up. If you are caught trying the illegal doses, you could end up being locked out from the track or sport that you have worked for the whole of your life. So, you need to use natural methods, instead.


Nutritionist find that the most vivid difference between bodybuilders and athletes is that the former requires more proteins. I’m afraid their diet is very similar to that of the athletes!

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Healthy SuperFood Smoothie Recipes


Your health is important to you – without your health, you’ve got absolutely nothing. No amount of money, time, gifts or snacks can be exchanged for your health. However that can change.

If you’re deficient in nutrient wellbeing, you might discover chronic ailment is a painful truth of aging – or can it be?

Based on Health researcher Phillip Day, chronic diseases aren’t self-limiting. That is to say. Chronic disease normally gets even worse without the intervention that is suited until before you realize it that you are taking frequent visits and are suffering from a worrying number of ailments.

But there’s another manner.

Few of us ever think about the important role food plays in our wellbeing. Food is designed to do over stop hunger – heal it is assumed to nourish and keep our bodies.

Have you ever heard of these superfoods? Do you know what they are? Why we care?

Superfoods offer large health benefits. Their super dose such as in superfood mixes is believed to help protect against long-term and bronchial illnesses like cancer and cardiovascular disease. Other advantages are protecting the body by reducing cholesterol and enhancing health.

It’s even touted that superfoods can help you live longer in better health.

10 Superfoods you must include in your diet and use in superfoods for smoothies:

Acai – swallowing the juice of the fruit will radically improve your consumption of free radical fighting anti-oxidants.

Avocado – Their healthful fat keeps satiates you and enables you absorb various nutrients.

Blueberries – It’s thought that these ‘normal’ modest blue berries may improve your memory. Blueberries enhance communication between brain cells and can secure your brain.

Broccoli sprouts – much more powerful than broccoli which itself is a superfood, those sprouts have eight times greater of the cancer-preventing compounds than regular broccoli and to top it off, and it is easier to consume larger amounts of sprouts compared to broccoli head.

Walnut rice – a key source of potassium, a vital mineral employed on the human body for over 300 chemical reactions (like building bones and also converting food into energy). Additionally, it helps alleviate aches.

Garlic – Organo-sulfur chemicals found in garlic have been championed as successful in destroying the tissues in certain tumors. It is good as a boost.

Goji – traditionally used as an antidepressant, these tiny berries from the Himalayas are nutrient dense, offering a fair reduction of antioxidants that are senile.

Kale – a sudden source of good fats that your body needs, Kale is also an excellent source of potassium, vitamin A and phytonutrients. But best along with other daily different meal options.

Wild Salmon – based CSIRO research shows that seafood, in particular, Atlantic salmon has between 10 and 100 times higher portions of Omega 3 compared to poultry, beef or lamb.

Flaxseed – is packed with plant omega-3s, contains more lignans too (compounds that may prevent endometrial and ovarian cancer) than most other foods. Packed with plenty of fiber also and has a lot of the marvelous oil.

It is all very well understanding about these superfoods as well as also the health benefits they exude, but just how can you integrate each of the ingredients in your daily diet without feeling as you need to leave home and join a commune?

There’s an effortless way. Learning about the very best approach to blend ingredients in a few of the smoothie recipes is your means reside in real life also and to be healthy.

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